10 Reasons to Love Skylar Astin

1. Having a bad day? These 10 examples of Skylar Astin’s perfection are sure to help. Here, put your feet up while he fixes your favorite drink.


2. How about a night out. Skylar makes the best karaoke partner. He says, “I rap. I’ll do Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’ or something like that where I’m just screaming violently by the end of it. And then I have another drink and I do ‘My Heart Will Go On.’”

3. But if you don’t feel like going out, no worries. He’s always down to hang out at home, do some online shopping.


4. He’ll even cook you dinner.


5. Maybe he’ll sing you a song. His vocals are gravity defying, and so is he.


6. He reached new heights in the Tony Award-winning musical Spring Awakening. He played ‘Georg’ and his hair looked like this:


7. He sang alongside Glee’s Lea Michelle and Jonathan Groff, and killed it. (Here’s Skylar singing “Touch Me” with the Spring Awakening cast circa 2007. Skip to 2:46 for his solo.)

8. If that’s not enough reason to love him, Skylar’s a family man. He’s not afraid to show his parents a little love.


9. Oh look. It’s baby Skylar.


10. What’s not to love?


Thanks for reading 🙂

The College Gal


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